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Happy Birthday, Marines!

Happy 240th Birthday to all Marines everywhere, Marine Scout Snipers everywhere, and the Members of this Association.
We have enclosed the “2015 Marine Corps Birthday Message | The Legacy Within” for your viewing enjoyment.

Semper Fidelis,
The USMC Scout Sniper Association

10 November 2015

USMCSSA Board Elections

Under the Association’s Amended and Restated Bylaws that were passed by the Members at the last Annual Meeting in January the Board of Directors has been expanded to 15 Directors. Nine (9) Directors will be appointed by the Board and six (6) will be elected by the Members. Information will be sent out shortly on Board Director duties and responsibilities, nomination procedures, and the mechanics of appointment and election to the Board.

USMCSSA Annual Meeting at SHOT Show

The Association plans on holding our Annual Meeting of the Members to coincide with SHOT Show for the foreseeable future. Plan on joining us in Las Vegas, NV in January. Information on date, time, and venue will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.  Visit the Shot Show Website.

USMCSSA Online Store Under Development

In response to numerous requests by Members and friends of the Association, we are developing an online store on our new website with many things to be offered such as Association-themed swag, books written by Members, and much more.


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