USMC Scout Sniper Association

The primary mission of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Scout Sniper Association (SSA) is to build and support the Marine Corps Scout Sniper community, their families, and their survivors.

The USMC SSA also works and partners with other nonprofit Veterans’ Organizations to build and support the larger sniper community.

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Who We Are

Our founding leader LtCol (Ret.) Tom “Moose” Ferran brought our ranks together to focus on community, preservation, and patriotism. The USMC Scout Sniper Association is an organization that seeks to support the Scout Sniper community by recognizing Active Duty Scout Sniper achievements, promoting fellowship among and between Members, and providing key services to Members and their families in need. We are comprised of the of the brightest, trustworthy, and dedicated leaders of the Scout Sniper Community.

2018 Shotshow
2018 USMC Hogs Call Dinner

What We Do

Recognizing Active Duty Scout Sniper Achievements: Each year our organization and community identify the most committed and courageous Scout Snipers from the Marine Corps. We recognize the USMC Scout Sniper of the Year and Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year. These Marines represent America’s finest and recognizing them as such is part of strengthening the Scout Sniper Community.

Promoting fellowship among and between Members: In order to maintain the fraternal bond established and developed within the ranks of the Marine Corps, the USMC SSA sets out community-driven and focused events around the nation. These events are called HOGs Calls. At these events, we invite Members of the Association and their guests to participate in a wide range of activities and to meet and reconnect with other members and Scout Snipers. To further the bonds of brotherhood of our community is, Strengthening the Scout Sniper Community.

Providing key services to Members and their families in need: The USMC Scout Sniper Association is driven to support the families of our Brothers, our Members, and our Community. We are here for those Members who seek our aid. Whether it be a financial grant or a friendly voice of familiarity, the Members and larger Scout Sniper Community understand that we are here to support them during their time of challenge. When Scout Snipers seek support, the USMC Scout Sniper Association is there, Strengthening the Scout Sniper Community.

Why We Do It

The Marine Corps Scout Sniper Community is small and full of quiet professionals. These Marines represent a small portion of the Infantry. However, they represent some of the most difficult training. Due to their skills in marksmanship and fieldcraft, these Marines are proud and professional. As a result, being a Scout Sniper is a lifestyle that is all-encompassing. Their families share their burden, hardship, and challenge. Often not seeing their father, son, or husband for weeks or months at a time when actively serving in the armed services. Post-military service, these Marines and their families continue the fight, off the battlefield in civilian life, overcoming challenges large and small, emotional, or financial. One consequence of the lifestyle is that these Marines and their families are often particularly reserved and do not reach out of their community to seek support. Therefore, supporting them is, Strengthening the Scout Sniper Community.

Our Mission: Strengthening the Scout Sniper Community.

2018 Marine Corps Marathon

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