USMC Scout Sniper Association

The primary mission of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Scout Sniper Association (SSA) is to build and support the Marine Corps Scout Sniper community, their families, and their survivors.

The USMC SSA also works and partners with other nonprofit Veterans’ Organizations to build and support the larger sniper community.

Our Mission

2018 Rifle Raffle

This year’s 2018, March 17th (0317 Day) primary raffle rifle has started with a rifle donated by Drake Associates™.

The Drake Savage SOCOM 308 rifle is an enhanced, special accurized rifle that was custom built, and sole-sourced for a USMC contract.

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Smith Family Needs Our Help

Sam Smith is Brother and fellow Scout Sniper and needs our help. The Smith family have our deepest condolences and are in our prayers.

Smith Family Recovery Go Fund Me.

Donation Options

Your generous support will help us continue our various philanthropic and life-saving outreach initiatives, and to raise money for Scout Sniper Association Academic Scholarships, Member/Veteran crisis outreach, and assisting the families of our Fallen Heroes.

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