Applying for Membership in the USMC Scout Sniper Association

Review the online application form carefully before you begin. It will be easier if you have all the necessary information before starting the process. At the bottom of the application, you have the option to “Save and Continue Later” if you need to do it in more than one sitting, or are otherwise interrupted.

Your completed application will be reviewed and verified. Once a decision is made, you will be notified. The length of time between application submission and membership decision/notification of applicants will depend on the schedules of the Membership Management Team volunteers.

If you have any questions about the application, or about the status of your application after submitting it, please send an email to

NOTE 1: Membership dues are currently being waived by vote of the Board of Directors

NOTE 2: Membership does not expire. If you successfully applied before and were accepted as a Member, you still are and do not need to re-apply.

NOTE 3: If you know of a Scout Sniper who is not already a Member, and may not have access to the Internet and email, or use them much, please send an email to with the individual’s name, phone number, and a little bit of background information. We will get in touch and fill out the application on their behalf.


FOR GRADUATES OF A USMC SCOUT SNIPER SCHOOL: Provide a copy of graduation certificate or a copy of DD-214 that lists graduation from a USMC Scout Sniper School.


FOR PERSONNEL WHO HAVE HONORABLY SERVED AT LEAST ONE (1) YEAR IN A SCOUT SNIPER PLATOON OR STA PLATOON: Provide a combination of DD-214 and one or more of the following: Copy of Orders; Unit Roster (listing Name, Rank, Billet) on Unit Letterhead signed by the SSP Commander and/or Company Commander; Fitness Report. On a case-by-case basis, the following documentation will be considered: BIR entries; Letters of Reference from comrades with whom you served and Other Official USMC and military documents.


Membership Application Form

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