2018 Rifle Raffle Official Public Annoucement

Attention United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association Members, Donors, Partners, and Supporters!!!

It is that time of year again we start preparing for our annual rifle raffle.

This year’s rifle was donated by Drake Associates™.

Drake Associates™

With over 30 years of experience in the Firearms industry, Drake Associates™ has been pushing the envelope on Precision Grade Bolt Action Rifles, “Designed by Snipers for Snipers”. Drake has been an industry player in the defense community for a significant amount of time. From supplying components to Lake City to working various defense contracts. The US Military has been using for years, many components supplied by Drake on the M80 Ball 7.62, M855 and M855 5.56 as well as specialty M118LR. Over the decades, Drake Stalker Rifles have been used as competition guns and deployment rifles for sniper teams.


Rifle depicted displays accessories NOT included with prize.

By utilizing concepts from the US SOCOM PSR Solicitation, as well as having real-time real-world feedback from various LE/Mil units and precision rifle competition shooters, Drake Associates™ developed a repeatable 0.4 MOA Trued and Blueprinted Savage based rifle called the Drake Hunter Stalker. This concept rifle was so capable and consistent, that it was used by a US Army National Guard Warrior Training Center sniper team at the 2015 United States Army International Sniper Competition. That team achieved the following outstanding and significant results utilizing the Drake Associates™ rifle: Top National Guard Team, Ranked 2nd Place for NON-Special Operations/SOF team- Conventional Units, 8th Place Overall Ranking for competition. Additionally, in the following year, of 2016 again at the United States Army International Sniper Competition, the US Army National Guard Warrior Training Center again placed in the top with a Drake Associates™ rifle system, 4th Place Overall, along with other accolades. In the 2017 International Sniper Competition, Drake Associate’s achieved its most significant accolade with the latest version of the Hunter Stalker SOCOM, now called the Drake/Savage Stealth EVOLUTION 2.0 and the Savage MSR. Placing 1st in the open class, and 2nd Place Overall!

Drake Associates™ is seriously committed to supporting our bravest warfighters. In 2017 Drake has supplied the US Marine Corps Sniper Association with our latest rifle system – the Drake Savage SOCOM Rifle system in .308 caliber in a flat dark earth (FDE) color for its 2017 raffle.

The 2018 Rifle Raffle is NOT exclusive to Scout Sniper Association Members. The proceeds from this annual raffle go to supporting the wounded, ill, and Scout Snipers in need of aid, their families and loved ones. We look forward to a successful raffle, get your tickets while supplies last.

To purchase raffle tickets, and for more information, please visit https://scoutsniper.org/contribute/2018-drake-rifle-raffle/