Our Members have all written history, whether they have ever put pen to paper or not.

     Each of our Members has lived a portion of the vaunted history of our Corps. They have added many laurels to the honors earned in the crucible of combat. Some of these men have chosen to pour their stories into the pages of these books. Most are written by our Members themselves, while some are written by, or with the help of, trusted professional writers who provided the ability to bring these stories to life.

     On this page, we'd like to recognize those who have taken the leap of faith to put their stories into the public domain. Whether it's a story of loss, history, personal growth, or simply passing on knowledge gained, writing isn't easy for most people. But it can bring healing and understanding. We hope this page will help our authors achieve that.

     We hope to support our brothers by sending a few customers their way. More importantly, we hope to help bring each of our Members' stories to light so that the sacrifices of those we've lost along the way are not in vain.

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