The United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association is non-partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt, veterans’ service organization under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Association was started in 1998, and received its IRS ruling as a 501(c)(19) Veterans’ Organization in 2004.

The Association promotes shared interests, comradeship, and learning among active duty, former, and retired U.S. Marine Corps snipers. It also fosters increasing levels of professionalism within the Marine Corps Scout Sniper community; provides useful services for Members, their dependents, and survivors; provides support to deployed Marine Corps Scout Snipers; and serves the United States Marine Corps and the Nation.

USMC Scout Sniper Association Leadership

Jessie Fletcher – President and Chief Executive Officer – ceo@scoutsniper.org
Nate Jolliff – Chief Financial Officer – cfo@scoutsniper.org
Tim Parkhurst – Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – coo@scoutsniper.org
Tim Parkhurst – Chairmen of the Board – chairman@scoutsniper.org

Board of Directors

Chris Hays  – VP of Awards and Scholarships – VPAwardsScholarships@scoutsniper.org
Evan Aanerud – VP of Education – VPEducation@scoutsniper.org
Tee Tompkins – VP of Public Policy – VPPublicPolicy@scoutsniper.org
Chris Adams – VP of Products and Services – VPProductsServices@scoutsniper.org
Alex Carlson – VP of National Coordination – VPNationalCoordination@scoutsniper.org

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