“Why did the Corps do away with Snipers”

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As the President of the USMC Scout Sniper Association, one of the main questions I get asked is you guessed it, “Why did the Corps do away with Snipers” My Answer: I dont fucking know, Im not active duty, Im not a General officer, I got no dog in the fight!

 A lot of people have their conspiracy theories and their own opinions about the demise of the Marine Sniper program. One big topic that I hear often is the question surrounding “Drone warfare”. Has the technology and advanced use of drones made the made the traditonal sniper's mission obsolete?

 Here is my rebutal to that that topic…Snipers on the batle field have the following advantages:

  • Precision targeting: While drones can provide aerial surveillance and strike capabilities, snipers offer unparalleled precision in taking out specific high-value targets with minimal collateral damage. This precision is crucial in certain operations where collateral damage must be avoided.
  • Concealment and stealth: Snipers can operate covertly and remain undetected, which is difficult for drones that are more easily detected by radar and air defenses. Snipers can gather intelligence and engage targets in areas where drones cannot operate due to air defenses or terrain.
  • Close combat support: In urban environments and close-quarters combat, snipers can provide direct fire support to ground forces, a role that drones cannot effectively fulfill.
  • Cost and payload limitaions: Drones have limited payloads and are more expensive than sniper teams for certain missions. Snipers can carry more ammuniton and sustain operations for longer periods.
  • Human decision-making: Snipers can make real-timeme decisions based on situational awareness and context, which is crucial in complex environments. Drones, while offering a bird's-eye view, may lack the nuanced understanding of a human operator on the ground.

In summary, while drones offer advantages in reconnaissance and strike capabilites, snipers remain essential for precision targeting, stealth operations, close combat support, cost-effectiveness, and human decision-making in certain scenarios. Both capabilities complement each other in modern warfare.