The Gathering of Snipers 2021 is in the books! We had a great weekend of training, shooting and camaraderie. Nearly 60 snipers from the Marine Corps and Army were able to connect and share their experiences with one another at our HOGs Call. Nearly 100 shooters and other participants came to experience the Guardian Long Range Competition. It’s one of the best matches out there, and #Its4TheKids!

We’ll be bringing you all back again next November for The Gathering of Snipers 2022! Guardian Long Range is hosting our precision rifle match again, but this time we’ll be at Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA! Keep up with event details on Facebook. Stay tuned for more details!

Gathering Fbbanner

To honor the life and memory of fellow Scout Sniper Rob Richards, we are supporting the 8th Annual “Rob’s Ride” again in 2022. If you ride on two wheels, you need to be here. If not, you still want to come and show your love for an American hero.

The ride is hosted by the American Infidels VMC North Carolina in Jacksonville, NC. Dates will be published in the Spring, 2022. Keep an eye out here for updates!

Sgt Rob Richards

Hog’s Calls are planned and organized by and for our members with financial support from SSA. If you’re interested in hosting a HOG’s Call in your neck of the woods, let us know!

SSA will market the event and provide substantial funding to make it a success. We’ll also make every effort to send an SSA representative to the event.

You can contact your SSA leadership HERE.

13th Annual 0317 Day Rifle Raffle – Vietnam-era Winchester M70 Sniper Rifle Raffle

We are raffling an amazing clone of a Vietnam-era Winchester M70 USMC Sniper Rifle! This unique rifle is built with all ORIGINAL take-off parts by a USMC 2112 Precision Weapons Repairman. All the original components were taken off Marine Corps M70 Sniper Rifles (minus the action) that came back from Vietnam as the new M40 began to be fielded in country. Each component is a collectors item in itself. Combined into a shooting rifle, this is a one-of-a-kind rifle that will make for an amazing piece of living history!

The Prize Package Includes

One USMC M70 Sniper Rifle constructed with all original take-off parts that saw service in Vietnam:

  • Original Unertl 8X target scope, marked “USMC SNIPER”.
  • Original Unertl scope mount blocks.
  • Original Winchester M70 trigger.
  • Original Douglass heavy contour take-off barrel with lots of life left in it. The barrel is stamped “.30-06” and proof marked with a “P” and retains its original finish.
  • Original take-off “Marksman”-style stock with its original rifle serial number stamped under the grip, and with original finish.
  • The Serial number of
  • The action is a Winchester M70 with a serial number well within the range of the rifles purchased by the USMC from Winchester in 1942. Our rifle is only 564 digits off from the rifle carried by legendary Marine Sniper Carlos Hathcock.

0317 Day Sniper Rifle Raffle
2022 USMC Scout Sniper Association 0317 Day Rifle Raffle