The Gathering of Snipers is back again and scheduled for 3-5 December 2021 in Pearsall, Texas! This year, our precision rifle match is being hosted by Guardian Long Range at 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex! Keep up with event details on Facebook. Stay tuned for details about the event!

Gathering Fbbanner

ROB’S RIDE  –  The 7th Annual Rob’s Ride is upon us!

To honor the life and memory of fellow Scout Sniper Rob Richards, we are supporting the 7th Annual “Rob’s Ride” again this year. If you ride on two wheels, you need to be here. If not, you still want to come and show your love for an American hero. The ride is hosted by the American Infidels VMC North Carolina on 15 August, 2021 in Jacksonville, NC. See the flyer for details.

7th Robs Ride

Hog’s Calls are planned and organized by and for our members with financial support from SSA. If you’re interested in hosting a HOG’s Call in your neck of the woods, let us know!

You can contact your SSA leadership HERE.

THIS ONE IS IN THE BOOKS! THE WINNING TICKET WAS PURCHASED BY FORMER MARINE INFANTRYMAN SCOTT D. FROM VIRGINIA! We’ll be sure to post pics as soon as Scott’s had a chance to take the rifle to the range!


We are raffling a Vietnam-era M40 (Generation 2) built by Badger Ordnance! This unique rifle is built entirely of ORIGINAL COMPONENTS that were taken off Marine Corps M40 Sniper Rifles (minus the action). Each component is a collectors item on its own, but combined in a shooting rifle, will make for an amazing piece of living history!

The Prize Package Includes

One USMC M40 Sniper Rifle constructed with all original “Generation 2” M40 parts:

  • Original Gen 2 Redfield matte-black scope with range finding reticle (circa 1970-75).
  • Original Redfield Type 2 mount and rings.
  • Original M700/M40 flat-blade safety style trigger.
  • Original M40 take-off barrel with lots of life left in it. The barrel is stamped August of 1971.
  • Original 1970 take-off stock with matching butt plate (stock does show some bumps and bruises, but you would too after 51 years!)
  • The Serial number in the barrel channel indicates this stock was from rifle 6257245 which indicates it was built sometime in Aug-Sept 1971.
  • The trigger guard assembly is original to the stock and in very good shape. It has the correct factory follower that allows 5 rounds to be loaded under the bolt.
  • M40 rifles were issued with a Green M1 sling, but almost all rifles observed in-country had M1907 leather slings. This rifle will include the leather sling.
  • The action is a Remington M700 of era-appropriate serial number range that has been stamped “U.S.” and clip-slotted to accurately portray a 1970’s M40 Sniper Rifle.