Our signature annual event co-hosted by the USMC Scout Sniper Association and the Army Sniper Association. The event provides a professional forum designed to further the art and science of military sniping. It will include practical instruction, a precision rifle match and a professional educational symposium. We hope to increase interoperability and enhance the trust and camaraderie among snipers from the various Services, as well as engage industry and everyday Americans in supporting the military snipers who proudly serve on their behalf.

The Gathering will be held 8-11 October 2020 in San Antonio, Texas.

Event registration will open in April, so stay Tuned!

Hog’s Calls are planned and organized by and for our members with financial support from SSA. Here are some of the upcoming Hog’s Call events for this year. Click the individual links below to see the Facebook event pages!

     Location                          Date                          Host

     Turtletown, TN               1-2 May 2020            Nathaniel Brent Ware

     Newport Beach, CA      May/June 2020       Steve Dethlesen

     Carson City, NV              June/July 2020        Alex Carrillo

     Camp Lejeune, NC        TBD                             Paul Schuster

     New England (NH)        Sept/Oct 2020          Russ Dufresne, Gregory Cruz, Brian Higginbottom, Alex Hartmann

George Donavos has partnered with the USMC Scout Sniper Association as he runs both the Marine Corps Historic Half and the full Marine Corps Marathon this year to raise funds for our association. Check out his story and DONATE HERE!

YOU have a chance to win a piece of Marine Corps sniper history, custom built by Badger Ordnance! Get your raffle tickets here, but do it fast. The drawing will be held on 03/17 day, or March 17 2020!