Remembering Master Sgt. Eden Pearl

Remembering Master Sgt. Eden Pearl, USMC, the “Viking Warrior”

MSgt. Eden Pearl, USMC, passed away on 20 December 2015 due to wounds sustained six years ago during an IED attack in Afghanistan. An article published in The Washington Post on 23 December 2015 describes his career, the impact he had on others, and the efforts of his many friends to remember this courageous warrior and exemplary Marine. The article noted that during his 20-year career, MSgt. Pearl served as a Scout Sniper, a Reconnaissance Marine, a Combat Diver, and a Critical Skills Operator for MARSOC.

Our Brothers at the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation also published an open letter on Facebook from MSgt. Pearl’s family, with an email address for those who would like to send their condolences, prayers, thoughts, and support.
Semper Fi!