In Motion Targets host 2015 Steel Challenge for the SSA

In Motion Targets hosted the 2015 Steel Challenge on May 16-17 in Kettle Falls, Washington. Carl Taylor, a founding member of the USMC Scout Sniper Association and CEO of In Motion Targets, donated the proceeds of the competition to the SSA. Over 70 competitors spent the weekend shooting moving steel targets at distances ranging from 400 to 1100 yards. The proceeds will help support Scout Snipers currently on active duty and forward deployed, SSA members and their families.

Kettle Falls-62

Kettle Falls-6

Kettle Falls-2

Kettle Falls-3

Kettle Falls-4

Kettle Falls-5

Kettle Falls-6

Kettle Falls-7

Kettle Falls-8

Kettle Falls-9

Kettle Falls-10

Kettle Falls-11

Kettle Falls-12

Kettle Falls-13

Kettle Falls-14

Kettle Falls-15

Kettle Falls-16

Kettle Falls-17

Kettle Falls-18

Kettle Falls-19

Kettle Falls-20

Kettle Falls-21

Kettle Falls-22

Kettle Falls-23

Kettle Falls-24

Kettle Falls-25

Kettle Falls-26

Kettle Falls-27

Kettle Falls-28

Kettle Falls-29

Kettle Falls-30

Kettle Falls-31

Kettle Falls-32

Kettle Falls-33

Kettle Falls-34

Kettle Falls-35

Kettle Falls-36

Kettle Falls-37

Kettle Falls-38

Kettle Falls-39

Kettle Falls-40

Kettle Falls-41

Kettle Falls-42

Kettle Falls-43

Kettle Falls-44

Kettle Falls-45

Kettle Falls-46

Kettle Falls-47

Kettle Falls-48

Kettle Falls-49

Kettle Falls-50

Kettle Falls-51

Kettle Falls-52

Kettle Falls-53

Kettle Falls-54

Kettle Falls-55

Kettle Falls-56

Kettle Falls-57

Kettle Falls-58

Kettle Falls-59

Kettle Falls-60

Kettle Falls-61

Kettle Falls