Awards & Scholarships

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2015 Scout Sniper Awards Ceremony

Wednesday January 20th 2016 at 4:30pm

The 2015 Scout Sniper of the Year Award goes to Staff Sergeant Shaun D. Garvey, USMC, who is currently deployed.

The 2015 Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year Award goes to Sergeant Jacob B. Ruiz, USMC, who is serving with the Scout Sniper Instructor School at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

The awards will be presented by the USMC Scout Sniper Association at SHOT Show 2016 in Las Vegas. The Awards Ceremony will be at the Venetian Hotel on Wednesday 20 January 2016, from 1630-1710 Pacific Time, in the Delfino Ballroom (Room 4001, 4th Floor). The ballroom is easily accessible from the SHOT Show floor via elevators and escalators.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Dakota Meyer, USMC, are guest speakers at the ceremony to honor Staff Sergeant Garvey and Sergeant Ruiz for their outstanding contributions to their Country, to the Marine Corps, and to the Scout Sniper Community.

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Event Schedule

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4:00pm | Doors Open

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4:30pm | Welcome by Jason Mann, USMCSSA President

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4:35pm | Remarks by Governor Rick Perry

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4:45pm | Presentation of awards

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5:00pm | Remarks by Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC

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5:05pm | Closing by Jason Mann, USMCSSA President

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5:10pm | Ceremony concludes

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Special Guests

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Governor Rick Perry
Guest Speaker

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Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC
Guest Speaker