The USMC Scout Sniper Association has begun an extensive overhaul of the organization in 2015. Some of the major milestones and goals are listed below!

SSA hosts its Annual Meeting during SHOT Show on January 22, 2015

On Thursday, January 22, 2015, the SSA hosted its Annual Meeting at the Leatherneck Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Association seized the opportunity of having so many of its member together at SHOT Show 2015 and was able to successfully conduct business and give its members an opportunity  to meet and network.

Recognition of Scout Sniper Instructors, Scout Snipers, and Corporate Sponsors at SHOT Show 2015

We have instituted a new awards program to formally recognize the incredible leadership and capabilities of our Scout Sniper Instructors who develop our young Marines into the best snipers in the world. We work with the Staff Non-Commissioned Officers of each schoolhouse to select the Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year. At SHOT Show in January of 2014, we recognized Sergeant Mortensen from the Scout Sniper Instructor School in Quantico as the first recipient of this prestigious award. Following this tradition, we awarded the 2014 Scout Sniper Instructor Award to Sergeant Woddle.

Additionally, to demonstrate our appreciation for the long hours and devotion, the Association provides a Limited Edition and serialized, Scout Sniper Stein to each Instructor at each schoolhouse that successfully completes a tour at one of the schoolhouses.

For 2014, we have also created an additional award for Scout Sniper of the Year, and work with Staff Non-Commissioned Officers in each schoolhouse and Marine Divisions to identify candidates. The SSA is proud to announce that the recipient for the 2014 Scout Sniper of the Year Award is Staff Sergeant Lopez.

Finally, we are continuing our efforts to recognize Outstanding Corporate Support for the Marine Corps Scout Sniper and the USMC Scout Sniper Association.

2015 Raffle of an M40A5 Rifle

Once again, the SSA Hosted its Annual Rifle Raffle and used an online raffle management system. The drawing took place on March 17, 2015 in Washington, D.C. and the winner of the rifle was Tony Burkes!

Resumption of Annual Reunions

After a hiatus, we are resuming our Annual Reunions, and will alternate every year between the West Coast and East Coast. For 2015, the SSA will host its Annual Reunion near Camp Pendleton, California the weekend of April 17-19, 2015.

Active Duty Scout Snipers on the Board

Our Board of Directors has grown by two individuals, and positions now represented by Active Duty Scout Snipers who are instrumental in advising the Board of Directors on the current status of the Marine Scout Sniper program in the Fleet Marine Force.

Expansion of Service to Dependent Children of Scout Sniper KIA

With combat operations coming to an end, and the lasting results from more than 14 years of sustained ground combat, our principal focus has broadened to include not only the Scout Sniper, but on the child dependents of those Scout Snipers Killed in Action. We have coordinated several fundraising efforts to start raising the necessary capital for educational grants and other support for our children, and to start the Association on a path to becoming self-sustaining over time.

Establishment of an Executive Director for the Association

To assist with these undertakings and to become a professionally-focused organization, the Board of Directors has approved the establishment of an Executive Director of the Association whose primary duties are to advise the Board on operations, events management, communications, fundraising, finances, IT, regulatory compliance, nonprofit stewardship, and governance.

Membership Growth

We now have approximately 1,200 Members in the Association and plan on expanding the membership with an active recruiting campaign that will allow the SSA to attract both past and present Marine Scout Snipers.

Medal of Honor Recipient and Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer is an Official Spokesman for the Association

Sergeant Dakota Meyer has agreed to act as an official spokesman for the USMC Scout Sniper Association and will be a familiar face representing us at key events.

Website Update and Social Media

We have undertaken a long-overdue update of our website, and are starting simply. From there, we will continue to improve and refine to make it more usable and more useful for Members. We will be doing the same with our Facebook page and other social media outlets.

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