Marine Corps Half Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon
Fundraiser for Scout Snipers

George Donavos Marine Corps Marathon



My name is George Donavos. I am a nurse practitioner, currently in the process of joining the Reserves as a medical provider. I first got involved in the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) over 6 years ago when I volunteered to help staff one of the medical tents along the race route. I witnessed amazing strength and many heroic personal efforts among the people who ran the marathon.

Witnessing those efforts inspired me to partner with the USMC Scout Sniper Association to run both the Marine Corps Half Marathon in May and the Marine Corps Marathon in October to honor and support our real heroes – those who have put themselves in harm’s way doing one of the most difficult missions in the military!

I fully support the mission of the USMC Scout Sniper Association to support the Scout Sniper community through programs that inspire brotherhood, encourage professionalism, and foster resiliency. Their community is comprised of those who have carried the long gun, those who have enabled their successes on the battlefield, and their families. I’m running for all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to our nation, and for those who continue to serve.

All donations are welcome and appreciated! The Marine Corps Scout Sniper Military Occupational Specialty is “0317”. Therefore, I would ask all who consider supporting this fundraiser to donate a variation of that number, such as $03.17, $31.17 or even $0317 per mile! I will be running 13.1 miles in the Historic Half and another 26.2 for the MCM for a total of 39.3 miles. $3.17 times 39.3 equals about $125. Or perhaps you’d like to donate a lump sum? However you add it up, I really appreciate your support!

I look forward to serving my country as a medical professional. Until then, I run these miles, not for just the USMC Scout Sniper Association, but for all the men and women who have given their lives for our nation. Thank you and God Bless America.

Very Respectfully,

George Donavos

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