Supporting SSA Members and their Families

The SSA’s mission translates into several key areas of activity – all with a goal of strengthening the Scout Sniper community.

Three of these areas are:

  1. Recognizing active duty Scout Sniper achievements;
  2. Promoting fellowship among and between Members; and
  3. Providing key services to Members and their families in need.

With the support of the USMC Scout Sniper Association, Members know they are never alone, and that their Brothers are ready to help them and support them when and where needed.

Recognizing Active Duty Scout Sniper Achievements

  • The Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year Award was established for FY 2013 performance to recognize the contributions of the instructors at Scout Sniper schoolhouses, and was awarded at SHOT Show 2014 in the LaRue Tactical booth.
  • For FY 2014, the Scout Sniper (FMF) of the Year Award was added, and the ceremony was again held at SHOT Show 2015 in the LaRue Tactical booth
  • The FY 2015 Scout Sniper Awards saw the SSA get a larger venue with its own banquet room at SHOT Show 2016, with former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC as guest speakers.
  • The FY 2016 Scout Sniper Awards will again be at SHOT Show 2017, and the guest speaker will be Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC.

Promoting Fellowship Among and Between Members

  • Starting at SHOT Show 2015, the SSA started holding its Annual Meetings of the Members on an annual basis for the first time, and decided that SHOT Show was the ideal venue to do so. SHOT Show 2017 will be the third consecutive time for the Annual Meeting, followed by the Scout Sniper Awards Ceremony, and then a memorable “after-party” at the Leatherneck Club in Las Vegas.
  • In April 2015, the SSA held an Annual Reunion near Camp Pendleton that was very successful.
  • In July 2016, the SSA held its first “HOGs Call” event “HOGs Call Quantico 2016-07” event from 13 July-16 July 2016, in conjunction with the Scout Sniper Basic Course (SSBC) graduation at Quantico. Members came from great distances for four days of events in conjunction with the schoolhouse. Scout Sniper and Silver Star recipient Ethan Place was the guest speaker.
  • “HOGs Call SOI-E 2016-12” was held in December 2016 and also had an impressive turnout.
  • “HOGs Call SOI-W 2017-03” is scheduled for 29 March-01 April 2017.
  • With the SHOT Show events and three “HOGs Calls” a year, Members will have at least four official SSA events a year for fellowship.

Providing Key Services to Members and Their Families in Need

  • A Scout Sniper survived his injuries in combat, and had been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. While recovering from his wounds, he lost his battle with the darkness. The SSA provided funds to help his widow and orphaned son relocate closer to her parents.
  • A Scout Sniper had wrestled with the aftereffects of his time in combat, and communicated his pain on social media. His Brothers responded immediately, held him up, and let him know that he was not alone. The SSA provided funds for him to travel to an SSA reunion, where he shared his story and offered powerful testimony on the strength he drew from his Brothers and from his faith. The darkness was pushed back.
  • After a Scout Sniper was Killed in Action, his family established a foundation in his memory which holds an annual golf tournament to raise scholarship funds for the children of other Scout Snipers who were Killed in Action. The SSA has strongly supported the tournament, and this involvement has increased every year.
  • The daughter of a Scout Sniper was born premature, and fought bravely for several weeks before she passed away. During the hospitalization, the family incurred several unbudgeted expenses – particularly since the father took time off work to be at the hospital every day. The SSA paid the funeral costs for the child, and provided funds to defray other expenses.
  • A Scout Sniper’s home was severely damaged during the recent flooding in Baton Rouge. The SSA provide funds for housing and living expenses.
  • The son of a Scout Sniper was recently diagnosed with a rare type of tumor that is at Stage IV. The SSA provided funds to help defray medical expenses and related expenses.
  • A Scout Sniper was injured by an IED and became a multiple-amputee. He recently moved into a new home that was built to accommodate his physical needs. The SSA approved paying for the construction of a fence around the property, which will enable another Marine Corps Veterans’ Organization to provide the Scout Sniper a service dog.

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